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'Pinty's Man Cave'

Crave The Cave™

There are a lot of fake things in this world, your food shouldn’t be one of them. Pinty's Man Cave™ is our latest line of innovative products that go above and beyond anything you've seen before. Pinty's Man Cave™ is determined to live by the words "Big, Bold, and Real". From the portions, to the flavours, to the ingredients, Man Cave™ is absolutely Crave-Worthy. Man Cave™ is taking everything you love about Pinty’s and ushering it into a new era. New flavours, new products, and unique twists on products you’ve loved for years. Pinty’s has become synonymous with chicken wings, so it seemed only natural to elevate that into the Edwingz ®, a boneless wing alternative that will leave you amazed at the taste and wondering how we did it.

Edwings ® are not the only new entry of ours into the world of wings, we have some brand new flavour profiles that will be included with our traditional wings and authentic Pinty’s flavours you’ve come to know and love. Be prepared to challenge your taste buds with the introduction of our Pinty's Epic ® sauces. Habanero, Atomic Buffalo, and 5 Alarm are new members of the Pinty's sauce family, and they are for the bravest of souls. These extreme flavours have daring levels of heat, while also incorporating incredible flavour. The Epic line of products also include Authentic Pinty's Sauces, allowing you to decide to go from Mild to Wild™!

We are not stopping at wings! Pinty’s is stepping outside the boundaries of traditional flavours and portioning, allowing Man Cave™ to be your guilty pleasure and the talking piece of your dinner table. Dig into the Street Dawg™ and enjoy the first hot dog geared toward adults, with a flavour that is unbelievable and a size that is hard to beat (and hard to finish). Compete with your friends for the title of Grill Master with our brand new St. Louis style side ribs. The term “fall-off-the-bone” has always been used when referring to the quality of ribs, so naturally that was the quality Pinty’s Man Cave™ has strived to have in our own line of products. The Pinty's Epic ® line up of products is not limited to wings either, you can find it on sausages, ribs, etc. Compete with your friends on who can handle the heat.

Pinty’s Man Cave™ aims to be the latest installment to your family’s dinner table, as we continue to bring new things to the aforementioned table (figuratively and literally). New products, new flavours, new partnerships on the horizon. Pinty’s is excited about all that is to come with the introduction of Man Cave™. Make sure to keep your eyes on what we’re doing with Man Cave™; you will surely be impressed.