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Pinty’s Epic Wingman Weekend Winner Revvs Up at Bristol Motor Speedway

Pinty’s Epic Wingman Weekend Winner Revvs Up at Bristol Motor Speedway

Marjorie, the winner of Pinty’s Epic Wingman Weekend contest serves up an insider’s look into how her winning trip to Bristol Motor Speedway wrapped up. If you missed the behind the scenes peek into how the weekend started – you catch up here. We’ll let Marjorie take it away now with wings, motors and more!

Day 3: Pit-Crews, Close-ups and Go!

We had some free time in the morning and after bumping into Pinty’s Vice-President of Marketing, Tony Spiteri, at breakfast (working hard as usual!) we took our rental car for a trip to see the famous twin city Bristol sign and Museum of Country Music.

After meeting Dan and Richard at 3PM we headed to the big event! It was a lot busier and there was heavy traffic. Thankfully Richard knows his way around… 

We had special passes and armbands so we could go into the pit for some close-ups to see the cars, and the pit crews setting up. We were lucky enough to be able to stop and chat with Cole Pearn (a Canadian connection!), pit crew chief for Martin Truex Jr. (Car #19) and walk on a designated section of the banked track – the steep slope is impossible to replicate in a photo.

Pinty’s Wingman Winner at Bristol Motor Speedway Pit

Walking along the pit was a really cool experience!

It was a hot sultry day in Tennessee, so we headed up to the rooftop bar Ole Smoky ROOF at Turn 4 to enjoy a cooling fan and some shade for awhile. There was a live concert going on in the mid-field, so we then decided to go into the air conditioned Pinty’s VIP suite to watch. The cool beverages and Pinty’s food were plentiful and the hospitality was over the top – swag bags on all the seats! We got to sign the Pinty’s wall before a surprise visitor came to the suite. I couldn’t believe it was Dale Earnhard – or an incredible lookalike, anyways – and he signed some great photos for us!

Pinty’s Wingman Winner at Bristol Motor Speedway PitPinty’s Wingman Winner at Bristol Motor Speedway PitPinty’s Wingman Winner at Bristol Motor Speedway Pit

Vince and I really enjoyed the view of the track from the Pinty’s skybox, along with great Pinty’s food and amazing hospitality!

There was quite a production with pyrotechnics announcing the drivers down in the mid-field, a military presence with a flag display, a four-jet fly pass and a choir to sing the national anthem – beautiful! Then it was race time as the sun started to set. The coliseum was almost packed and away we went. What a thrill to hear the engines soar! Our view was amazing. We were able to see the entire track and all the pit crews.

Once again Dan took charge of a suite pool. This was fun and gave an opportunity to learn about the drivers. This time I got #19, Martin Truex Jr, which was pretty cool since his crew chief is Canadian Cole Pearn. Martin Truex Jr led the race for a while but after a blown tire was unable to get back to the top.

 Pinty’s Wingman Winner Meeting Cole PearnPinty’s Wingman Winner Meeting Cole Pearn

A Canadian connection was made when we met Cole Pearn, crew chief for Martin Truex Jr, and we snapped a picture of the Truex car.

There were numerous bumps, crashes and yellow flags and the leader changed several times during the race. My favourite, Joey Logano, had a difficult time with a flat tire on lap 68 and got bumped about on lap 350. Finally, Denny Hamlin #11 pulled out the win – his victory lap and burnouts at the front stretch were great fun to watch. Then we sat back and enjoyed another amazing fireworks display.

 Pinty’s Wingman Winner with Joey Logano Car

Here’s my favourite driver Joey Logano’s car!

Heading out with 130,000 fans also leaving at the same time was really entertaining thanks to our Wingmen Richard and Dan (who won the suite pool this time)!

Hamlin’s victory burnout…a great ending to an epic night!

Hamlin’s victory burnout…a great ending to an epic night!

Day 4: That’s (Almost) a Wrap!

On our last day we took our rental car out to explore the area more, including a drive through the Appalachian Mountains, Bristol caverns and historic towns.

I truly can’t express how great it was to meet and spend time with Dan and Richard; they absolutely knew what would thrill us the most as novice NASCAR fans and we couldn’t have had better Wingmen. I think Richard might have missed his calling, and quite possibly could have been a race car driver. The guy has skills! Dan is right where he should be, in his sports wheelhouse. Also, I would be remiss in not mentioning that Tony and Claudia Spiteri played a large part in our great experience.

This was a bucket list trip of a lifetime for both Vince and I. My sincere thank you Pinty’s for offering such a great contest and for drawing my name!

Pinty’s Wingman Winner Marjorie on Turn 3

Vince and I, standing on turn 3. It doesn’t look that steep in the picture, but you’re not allowed to try to walk to the top – people have rolled to the bottom once there!

There you have it folks, another Pinty’s Epic Wingman Weekend in Bristol. Thanks for taking us along on your journey and sharing the behind the scenes wings and wins, Marjorie!


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